Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone found in men (and low levels in women). It is the biological platform for human existence.

The male hormone helps to build bone strength, supports heart growth, and affects sex drive. It also helps to build and retain muscle when working out, and improve your mental capacity.

A low level of testosterone is a medical condition where your body does not produce enough of this hormone. When these low levels of testosterone exists over long periods in the body, it can cause a variety of symptoms.

They include erectile dysfunction, muscle mass loss, fat gain, and balding. When you find yourself in this situation, you should start thinking of increasing testosterone.

Typically, testosterone levels usually peak during adolescence and early adulthood. But once you have reached this peak, these levels typically decline at one percent per year.

From my perspective the medical model, you start to notice a few changes to your body entering into your 30s (or 40s…or older).

Increasing testosterone

I can already see you working out your percentage loss compared to your age right now! What goes up during adolescence must come down a few years later. However, a few lifestyle changes can increase your testosterone levels in no time and get you fighting fit.

Prescriptions for hormone therapy can be given out like sweets and this over prescription prevents us from learning that boosts in testosterone can be gained from natural sources.

Here is the cheat sheet for increasing your testosterone level.

Stop Stress

When you need to survive in a stressful situation, your body requires the stress hormone, cortisol. But unfortunately, a high level of stress is associated with low testosterone.

Both mental and physical stress can very quickly depress testosterone levels. Exercise and activities, interests or hobbies that bring you pleasure (yes and sex) can help reduce stress hormones.

Booze Block

Although a night out drinking with the lads is a ‘manly’ process we all often indulge in ironically the intake of alcohol can actually play havoc with your manly hormones.

A drop in testosterone can be a result of even moderate intakes of alcohol over prolonged periods, so limiting your alcohol consumption can not only help manage your testosterone levels but your belly will benefit from the reduce intake of calories.

Calorie Drop

Talking of a reduction in calories and benefits for your belly; men who are overweight are more likely to have lower levels of testosterone to begin with, so as your trouser size increases with body fat your testosterone level goes down.

Losing weight is the ‘go to’ staple change that men can introduce into their lives that will directly improve their testosterone level. Flatten your belly, work towards this summer’s beach body and naturally boost your testosterone.

Summer Body

A sure and fast way towards your summer body is to exercise, oh and by the way exercise increases your testosterone. To help directly hit your male hormone levels and decrease your body fat, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a good place to start.

Men who lift weights and exercise at least twice a week can experience a 49% boost in testosterone levels. As you strengthen your muscles and increase your levels of exercise the amount of testosterone your body produces increases.

But why HIIT? Well, here’s why! HIIT workouts, which take far less time to complete than slow and steady cardio workouts, lead to as much as twice the total fat lost.

Even though the slow and steady cardio programs burn more total calories and fat during the actual workout, the HIIT programs led to greater total fat loss.

This is because the HIIT based workouts boost testosterone and burn more calories and fat the rest of the day, which adds up to more calories and fat than you can burn during a single workout. Interesting huh?!

Whole Foods

Diet is a key factor you must not ignore, a healthy balanced diet can help stabilize your insulin levels and in turn maintain healthy testosterone levels.  Testosterone levels decrease after you eat sugar, the intake of sugar leads to a high insulin level. And once insulin is high, testosterone is low.

Cutting out refined Carbs will be a key element to change in your diet, and don’t get me started on processed foods.

Forget the microwave, try to cook 80% of your own meals at home throughout the week as this encourages the use of whole foods in your diet and reduces the additional extras such as sugar and salt.

Whole foods are foods that have been processed or refined as little as possible, free from additives or artificial substances. So when you’re out shopping, you should get some meat, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes and cook your way to an increase in testosterone.

Who knows, cooking could be your next stress busting hobby!


There you are. You’ve just learnt 5 significant tips about increasing your testosterone level. You’ve also learnt about the things you should abstain from if you hope to feel good about your body as a man. Well, applying the tips herein is up to you but then I’m sure you’re willing to. Go do it!