Testosterone is the life blood of all things masculine. It’s the hormone that’s associated with physical strength, male sexuality, and optimum health. As part of the natural life cycle testosterone starts to decline once you reach the age of 30.

And this decline carries on right into old age. However, these days, the problem is exacerbated further by factors other than human nature. This is what makes boosting testosterone quite imperative.

What causes low testosterone?

Have you heard of EDC’s or Endocrine-disrupting chemicals? These hidden criminals exist inside your very home and are responsible for low testosterone. You’d be surprised but the simple detergents and cleaning products you use every day, including personal hygiene products, have been found to seriously damage your testosterone levels.

That’s not even the worst of it. Studies have shown that our exposure to certain chemicals can reduce testosterone from a very early age – some experts believe even during childhood. Let’s not even talk about the harms of chemicals we put into our bodies intentionally – like cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol.

The stresses that come with the rigors of modern living certainly don’t make things any easier for us males. In addition to increased risks of disease, stress inhibits the natural production of testosterone.

When you continually undergo chronic stress your adrenal system takes a pounding as well. This results in the hormone Cortisol being produced instead of Testosterone.

Too much Cortisol brings with it many health risks including inflammation and chronic pain. Yes all forms of stress are bad – physical, mental and emotional. Now you know it harms your manliness as well.

How to overcome testosterone deficiency

Organic and Natural are the buzz words today and for good reason. Firstly you can make great strides by eliminating the various EDCs you are usually exposed to. And it just makes sense for the many all-round health benefits you will gain.

Look for natural alternatives to the cleaning products you use, and switch your metallic pots and pans for those made of Teflon. Ceramic dishware is also a great alternative to plastic dishes. Never eat directly out of a metal can.

The materials used to line cans are known as Bisphenols and are very harmful to healthy endocrine function, which in turn means low testosterone.

Organic foods will also help you if you currently suffer from a testosterone deficiency. You can expect ingredients of such foods to be grown without the intervention of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Simple ways to boost testosterone naturally


The easiest way to influence your testosterone levels in a positive way is to make healthy changes to your diet. Zinc needs to become your best friend if you wish to boost testosterone. It’s an essential mineral your body needs and is vital to the production of testosterone.

You may want to consider taking a zinc supplement but there are many foods that contain the mineral which you can bring into your diet.


Meats and fish are not only packed with protein, they are also naturally rich sources of zinc. Raw milk and cheeses are another good source, and you will also benefit greatly from cultured milk products like yogurt, amasai, and kefir.

Beans are another protein filled food that come built in with ample zinc. In virtually every study done on zinc it was found that an increase in the mineral’s intake resulted in a direct improvement on testosterone levels.

Oysters are also packed with zinc – no wonder they are so famous as a natural aphrodisiac.


As far as vitamins go you need to check if you’re getting enough Vitamin D. The most widespread source of Vitamin D is the sun. But these days a sedentary lifestyle plays a role in not getting enough sunlight.

Vitamin D has so many benefits for healthy male sexuality. It helps to increase your sperm count and enhances its quality. This is vital if you intend having children. The vitamin also boosts your libido while it ups your testosterone naturally.

Simply get out in the sun more by partaking in outdoor exercise and other fun activities. Too many people currently suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency these days, so taking a supplement may prove very effective.


Exercise is a natural testosterone booster which can be combined with intermittent fasting for maximum benefit. When you exercise try to focus on shorter bursts of intense activity as opposed to longer routines and aerobics.

Directly stimulating your muscles with strength training has also shown significant boosts to testosterone. When selecting exercises as part of a weight training program always see how you can challenge your body as a whole.

So, compound movements that hit several muscles in your body are definitely preferred over single joint isolation type exercises. And above all stick with your program for the long haul. Remember you going to keep on needing testosterone as you age.